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22.05.2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
Release Notes for 5/21/2014

- Added a convar mp_backup_restore_load_autopause to control whether the game remains paused after round backup file is loaded.
- Added a dedicated server convar host_rules_show to control whether the server is allowed to reply to connectionless rules requests.
- Improved server lobby slot allocation logic to reduce the chance of getting 'session is full' errors when connecting to a game server with available player slots.
- Fixed a slow memory leak in Linux dedicated servers.
- Fixed several rare game server crashes on Linux.

- Added a convar (cl_hideserverip) that when set to 1, will hide most cases of the server and client IP address appearing in the developer console.
- In official competitive matchmaking, servers will no longer show the message of the day.
- Fixed several errors that previously showed up in the console.
- Moved some messages that would previously show up in the console to dev 1 and above.
16.05.2014 TF2 Update
Team Fortress 2 Updates Released

Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)
Fixed the skybox on 3rd party maps when using certain sky materials
In Hammer, while using the Vertex Tool, pressing CTRL+B will snap selected vertices to the grid
Allow about:blank in the MOTD
Marked mat_texture_list as a cheat to prevent client exploits
Removed the sv_voicecodec convar because it isn’t necessary anymore and was being used as an exploit
Updated the con_logfile convar to checking for invalid filenames
Updated the network resource download path to check for invalid filenames
Updated the plugin_load command
Servers can only load plugins if they are not running a map
Clients can only load plugins if they are not connected to a server

Team Fortress 2
Fixed a bug that would cause the Sentry’s health to look overhealed when it wasn’t
Fixed an exploit with the Red-Tape Recorder and Sentry where the Sentry could build up a large amount of health
Fixed a bug where the Spy could not place a sapper without switching weapons first
Fixed the Engineer being able to purchase the Disposable Sentry Gun upgrade in Mann vs. Machine, build a disposable Sentry, and then refund the upgrade without the Sentry being destroyed
Improved client-side critical attack prediction for rapid-fire weapons (i.e. Flamethrower, Minigun)
Updated the equip_region for the Pyromancer's Mask
Fixed the equip_region for tournament medals conflicting with other items
Added the LBTF2 Season 9 tournament medals
Updated the localization files
15.05.2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Release Notes for 5/14/2014

- The Trade Up Contract no longer restricts items to a single collection. In exchange for 10 items of identical quality, the Trade Up Contract provides one item of the next highest quality, from a collection of one of the items provided.

- Agency
-- Updated with bugfixes.

- Fixed CZ75a reload animation: the player will now perform a traditional magazine reload if the forward magazine has already been used. If there's enough spare ammo, the forward magazine is restored when the weapon is hostered and re-drawn.
- Plugins can now precache new particle systems within pcf files by calling PrecacheGeneric() and passing the particle's pcf file path.
- r_drawscreenoverlay is now set to 1 by default and is modifiable by the server.
14.05.2014 Web-Server wieder freigegeben
Hallo nochmal!

Der Umzug des Web-Servers ist weitestgehend abgeschlossen. laola.gif:

Wer das hier schon am 14.5. liest ist vermutlich über oder die Weiterleitung hierhergelangt. Was noch fehlt ist die Umstellung von auf den neuen Server. Das sollte aber auch spätestens in 1-2 Tagen überall durch sein. mata.gif

Ab da geht dann theoretisch alles wie vorher. up.gif

Aber aus den Erfahrungen bei der Umstellung heraus vermute ich das bestimmt noch irgendwo was klemmen wird, daher bitte Bescheid sagen, wenn irgendwo was nicht geht. icon_redface.gif
13.05.2014 Webseite wegen Umzug down am 14.5.
Hallo allerseits!

Die Webseite folgt morgen den Gameservern auf den neuen Root-Server. Daher wird sie im Laufe des Tages oft nicht erreichbar sein. Nach dem Umzug ist sie außerdem ggf. eine zeitlang nicht unter sondern erst mal nur unter erreichbar. Sobald auch die Änderung im DNS für die .de Adresse überall durch ist, geht dann alles wieder wie vorher.

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